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As AIGA celebrated its centennial in 2014, AIGA Chicago seized the opportunity to join forces with the Chicago Design Museum to capture this defining time in our history, our community and our city.

Over the course of the year, we sought out and interviewed an eclectic mix of designers who have had significant impact on us—in hopes that their passion, perseverance, humility and bravery will enable you to see Chicago the way that we see it. Our intent is not to chronicle the history of design in Chicago, but to celebrate what makes our community different than any other.


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Featured Designers

Richard Wright of Wright Auction House
Cheryl Towler Weese of Studio Blue
Max Temkin and Emily Haasch of Cards Against Humanity
Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi of Sonnenzimmer
Curt Schreiber of VSA Partners
Cody Hudson of Struggle Inc.
Bart Crosby of Crosby Associates
Alisa Wolfson of Leo Burnett
Art Paul of Playboy
Linsey Burritt and Crystal Hodges of INDO
John Massey of John Massey, Inc.
Elaine Chernov, Jana Kinsman, Victoria Pater, Jennifer Sisson and Katherine Walker of Quite Strong
Vijay Kumar of IIT Institute of Design
Zoë Ryan of the Art Institute of Chicago
Mig Reyes of Basecamp


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Interviews by Patrick Sisson.

Designed by VSA Partners.

So many contributors.

June 16, 2015