Twirl + Sparkle + Beckon

Made with Might Make out of wood, silver paint and fishing line, “The Shape of Things to Come” twirls, sparkles and beckons its reader to stop and imagine a more optimistic future.

On permanent display at the Threadless headquarters in Chicago.




Things Take a Long Time

I recently bought a used sandwich board on eBay, and turned it into a marquee in my home. Every few weeks since, I’ve changed the phrase, searching for ideas and methodologies that I believe in. After hanging this phrase, “The Shape of Things to Come”, I couldn’t escape it. I carried it with me every day. It feels so inherently positive and hopeful, and frames the future as a nebulous, shifting idea. A year later, I made it into a mobile that hangs above our bed.

The subtle rotation of the letterforms added just a touch of magic. Seeing this when I wake up every day fills me with hope. The sound the plastic makes as it hits the wall on a windy day reminds me that I’m in a safe place.

For me, important work must be discovered through an authentic process. Follow your research. After observing that the phrase “The Shape of Things to Come,” I was inspired to stop and think about the future. I wanted to find a means for others to do the same. Everything we do builds upon a foundation of an earlier idea.



Massive thanks to Aaron Gadiel for encouraging this project.

July 10, 2016