Iterative Work is a flexible brand. Only one volume is available at a time and each discontinues the next. This volume explores inherently inconsistent registration in Risograph printing creates depth and tension as squares overlap in unexpected configurations.

Volume 1.1

Volume 1.1 is a site-specific installation for Typeforce that builds on the foundation of Volume 1, nudges the original concept toward new territory, and fulfills the company’s mission of creating iterative work. For Typeforce 7, 1.1 explores the creation of letter forms through the overprinting of black squares in succession. Leaving design decisions to chance creates risk. This project allows me to make time to be in-the-moment, an indulgence I take as often as possible.

For Typeforce 7



Volume 1.0

Volume 1 explores and celebrates inconsistencies in the Risograph printing process by overprinting a grid of 25 squares × 25 sheets, producing a unique 50 × 50” composition. A series of 4 were created for a show at 50,000feet. DIY instructions were later published under a Creative Commons license.

For 50,000feet


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