Clutch Gallery is a 25-square-inch space in the heart of Meg Duguid‘s purse.

Tanner curated 3 exhibitions in Clutch Gallery during a residency.



Canyon Flow by Studio Gang

The dynamic qualities of nature, and the striking forms shaped by natural processes, are an endless source of inspiration for our architecture. From the “vertical topography” of our Aqua Tower in Chicago, with its undulated balconies, to the dramatic, canyon-like spaces of our Gilder Center at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, we are interested in how design can learn from nature to bring people together for meaningful shared experience.

The liquid material of concrete often provides the perfect medium for this kind of architectural innovation. Canyon Flow embraces both the physical power of nature’s forces and the wonder they inspire, as well as embodying the immersive currents of the creative flow we seek.

—Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang




$1,184 by Tanner

Clutch Gallery is pleased to present “$1,184” by Tanner Woodford of ChiDM.

Tanner Woodford is founder, chairman, and executive director of ChiDM, maker of Iterative Work and lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. ChiDM strengthens design culture and builds community by facilitating the exchange of knowledge through dynamic experiences.




On Pins + Needles by Busy Beaver Button Museum

Clutch Gallery is pleased to present “On Pins & Needles” by Tanner Woodford of ChiDM and Christen Carter of the Busy Beaver Button Museum.

It’s an itty bitty design exhibition that pinpoints key moments in female identity, featuring 17 pin-back buttons. The exhibition ends May 20th, 2017.



(Meg Duguid gets all of the credit for this project.)